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Third day in Honolulu: my presentation

During the night, I prepared my presentation slides. I changed the story from what I had been thinking, so it took time. I finished the first version of my presentation at 10 AM. Then I went to Hawaii Convention Center to listen to my colleague, who was invited. Then I came back to my room, which was already cleaned. I kept working, upgrading the slides. I went to the meeting  room in Hilton at 4 PM. It was a small room with 30 – 40 participants. My presentation started at 5 PM. I am new in this field, and I first talked about the background of my research carefully. Then, … Continue reading

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First Day of International Workshop

Today is the first day of the international workshop, which I was preparing for. In the morning, I woke up early to take a long walk with Maya-san. Then I drove to Kofu Fujiya Hotel, where the workshop was held. I was chairing the meeting.    There were 200 participants. During the lunch time, I came back to say hello to Maya-san. We had a coffee break, too. Seven invited lectures were given. Banquet started at 6 PM.    Japanese traditional guitars were played. I left soon for Maya-san’s dinner and walk.

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First day of the forum in SiChuan University

In the morning, I found that I was not able to use the university web-mail system of the university.  I tried to make an international call to the internet administration in my university, but had a hard time making an international call from my room because the hotel staffs hardly understood English. After an hour of struggling, I managed to call to the university office to ask about the internet connection.  They told me our mailing site might be blocked, and gave me  a different address. It worked well. So, I was able to read mails from my colleagues. I stayed in my room, checking mails and working. At 11:45 AM, six … Continue reading

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Second day of the conference

In the morning, I did not have my suit yet. After the morning talks, I went back to the hotel. My suit was there from Nagoya Station. So in the afternoon, I was wearing it. From 6 PM, there was a party for the participants. I met a lot of my old friends there.

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Last day of the seminar and meeting Katya

The seminar ended at 11:20.  Participants had lunch and took a bus at 12:30. We cleaned the rooms, had a meeting, and drove back to Kofu. On the way home, I became sleepy and took a nap in the car.  Then I dropped by at a cell-phone shop for reserving a cell phone to be used in France next week. I arrived home at 4 PM and met Katya after a month. She looked refreshed after the stay back in Vladivostok. She went out for her job.  I suddenly became sleepy and went to sleep with Maya-san.

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Getting ready for the seminar

Today is Friday. I was talking on the phone with companies before the seminar starting on Monday. I was sending e-mails to participants. Right after the interview, I felt really tired, but now I feel fine. I think things are ready, but feel a bit worried. Anyway, for dinner, I had a piece of eel to cheer me up. Maya-san is on my lap. She seems to forget Katya, but I know she will be thrilled in a couple of days.

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Participants increasing

From the end of August to the early September, I will chair a scientific seminar in Nagano. Many Asian researchers decided to come, fewer Americans and Europeans.  Japanese researchers and students are much fewer than last year, partly because of the earthquake. My colleagues and I called and sent e-mails, and today the number of the participant from the outside of our university raised up to 43. I hope there will be more than 50 people. It was less hot today.  I have been doing without an air conditioner in my office this summer.  I think I am getting used to it.

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Hottest Places in Japan

Students told me that the temperature in Kofu had been the highest yesterday in Japan, although it was only some 37 degree. Today, we felt a bit warmer with 38.1 C.  Too bad that we were #2 in Japan; the hottest place was Koshu city, a city by Kofu, with 38.5 degree C.  Those records are the records in June, so we probably have to be satisfied. I was in my office without an air conditioner, calling and mailing to find new participants from schools and companies. Katya had no classes today and went to the Yatsugatake area with a friend of hers, where the temperature was only 30 C. … Continue reading

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School year is ending

School year ends in March in Japan.  We are getting ready for sending students out from academia. My PhD student did OK.  He finished with his thesis.  He is still carrying out his experiments for his last paper.  Katya and I will hold a farewell party for him. Master students and senior students do their graduation presentations, too, and we will help them. I am organizing a meeting in a conference with six Chinese and six Japanese.  One Japanese participant has not been decided and I have been sending e-mails and calling one by one. My ex-boss got a big prize in another scientific society, and I will try to … Continue reading

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