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French story continues

One of the researchers I saw in Poitiers, France, came to the conference in Niigata. He worked  in our institute for one year, so I know him very well. We had a good dinner with the Mexican professor in Niigata. Today, he came to our institute to say hello to his old colleagues and students. So within two weeks, we met each other in Poitiers, Niigata, and Kofu. At 2 PM, he left for Narita Airport by bus. We will see each other somewhere on the earth again.

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Business Trip to Niigata

There is a conference in Niigata.  I woke up at 4 AM, went to my office, and took mini to a hotel in Niigata. I took a rest at Yoneyama parking area. When I got our from the car, I felt heat! The temperature must have been higher than 30 degree C.    I took a rice bowl of tuna and salmon eggs for brunch. I arrived at the hotel, ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, at 12:30 PM. After I took a shower, I walked to the conference site. Mexican professor in University of Poitiers was there in the lecture hall, chairing the session. So in a couple of days, we … Continue reading

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The last day in France

In the morning, I had the last breakfast in the hotel. I packed up everything and left the hotel. I took the same bus to the university. T This morning, there was a final defense of a PhD student. I joined it and listen to him. Very intelligent he was! At the end of the last two visits to Poitiers, I took early trains to Paris to enjoy a walk. This time, because of this defense, I decided to stay in Poitiers in the morning. The questions and answers started and continued. I sneaked out from the auditorium at 11:30 AM.    A French colleague took me to the station. … Continue reading

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Third day in Poitier’s – My presentation

Two students and I stay in the same room in a university hotel with two beds and an extra sofa bed.  In fact, my colleagues in University of Poitiers reserved three rooms for us. The computer reservation service has been changed and the reservations before 4 months have been lost. This sort of things could happen in France. It seems to me the connection between systems and organizations is not good. The lady in the office worked hard to figure out the solution for us. This is another side of France.  I think French people are friendly and helpful on the contrary to the prevailing rumor that they are too … Continue reading

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Second day in Poitiers

The second day started.  The working day. I took a breakfast with my students in the hotel. Then we took a bus to the University of Poitiers. Students started working and studying. I was working with my laptop in an office of a Mexican professor, with whom I spent my sabbatical together in Illinois, USA in 2005. We went out to the university administration building for lunch.    He took a picture of me. In the evening, I invited the Mexican professor, another two professors and a wife, and the two Japanese students to a Japanese restaurant “Wasabi”.    The taste is not the best, but I consider foods here … Continue reading

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Millionaire in France

The plane left Narita at 10 PM just for Paris. In the plane, I was practicing French grammar using a small textbook I used during my university days. We arrived at Charles de Gaulle Airport at 4 AM.  The temperature became lowered to 16 degree C; I had to change my shorts to jeans.    No shops were open then.  The students were tired and hungry. At 6 AM, shops started to open, and I bought quiches for them, the first quiches in their lives. The TGV left the airport at 7:40 AM for Bordeaux. Students fell asleep. On the way to Poitiers, I received a call from Japan from a … Continue reading

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Leaving Japan for Poitiers, France

I am taking two students to the University of Poitiers, France. I will make a small talk, too. I took a bus to Narita Airport from Kofu Station leaving at 2 PM.    There were only two passengers.  I was sleeping most of the time. At the airport, I bought some souvenirs to my colleagues in France. I took a bowl of dipping ramen for an early dinner.    I am writing this article at the departure gate.  The students are somewhere around. The plane leaves in an hour. I need to prepare. Wish me luck.

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Future business trips and evening tennis

It was decided that on June 20 and 21, I will go to Kyoto on a business trip. From September 5 to 10, I will go to Poitiers, France, in order to take two students to the university there.  They will carry out experiments and will come back on June 30th. On September 9, I hope to stay in Paris for half a day, but it could be difficult. Poitiers is a beautiful place, but I prefer Paris.  I love simply sitting on a street in front of a cafe and  reading a news paper normally International Herald Tribune. This evening, we joined the tennis class.  Katya was working late … Continue reading

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