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She is the Dog Whisperer

In the morning on the way to my office, I took a picture of cherry blossoms  almost ending.  New green leaves appear to tell summer is coming closer. Yes, the temperature went up to 25 C today.  I could have gone with a T-shirt. Katya was asked to come to her Ukrainian friend’s house in Shimosuwa.  The friend bought a Belgium Shepherd, the first doggy friend in her life.  It is still a baby boy and very active. He seems friendly, but she does not know how to treat him.  So Katya went to help her. I came back alone for lunch to find Maya-san having had a small party.  … Continue reading

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Business trip to Osaka

In the morning, I bought a news paper to know about the midnight earthquake in the north-east area.  It was a big one, but I did not feel anything in Kyoto.  I took the paper with me to the restaurant and had buffet while reading it. I stayed in my room working till 11 AM, a check-out time.  Then I moved to the hotel lounge. There was a small, pretty garden by the lounge. The hotel was old, but it had some classical taste. I walked out the hotel. It was slightly raining.  I was surprised to see that only one warm night made the cherry blossoms in bloom. From … Continue reading

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Kuonji Temple in Mt. Minobu

Katya and I had breakfast in Starbucks. Katya had a venti cappuccino and I, a tall cafe latte.  Milk was fully supplied in there.  We felt pollen.  My skin was itchy. By mini, three of us visited Kuonji Temple in Mt. Minobu established by Nichiren.  It took one and a half hours from the apartment. On the way out from Kofu, we felt less pollen. We did not expect the temples so big. The temples are surrounded by woods. Some cherry blossoms were already in bloom, but the best season has not come yet. Katya is planning to visiting it again on a weekday.

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