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German Sweats

A colleague of mine brought me a box of sweets. He has been out to Germany for a conference. He met an old Taiwanese student of mine there, whom I had taught in my previous school in Sendai. He is now a postdoc in a German university. It was a surprise. Being a university teacher makes an international connection.

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Today was for the defenses of PhD students. From 10:30 AM, I attended the defense of a student from Bangladesh. Boy, wasn’t he great! He came all the way to Japan to accomplish marvelous results. I heard that he will be working as a postdoc in Japan, which should be good for him as well as for Japan. From 5:10 PM, there was a defense of a student whose adviser is me. He carried out his presentation in Engish. He spoke in a very clear English, and his presentation was perfect, too. Two of the students surely will receive their PhD. There was five PhD  students in all in our institute … Continue reading

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Lotus – a Thai restaurant

It is Saturday today.  All the students, as well as researchers and teachers, got together for students’ monthly presentation.  Today, it was for seniors. One of my students, who came to the taco party the other day, talked about his results, too.  I think he did OK. Meanwhile, Katya took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic.  Maya-san’s left hind leg has not been recovered yet.  She needs to be in the cage for a while. In the afternoon, a Korean postdoc came from Korea to present his works to find a job here.  His presentation was not very impressive.  I do not know whether he will be hired. In the evening … Continue reading

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Two interviews for possible newcomers

Schools start in April in Japan.  Now is the season when people look for new jobs. In our institute, three researchers are moving out in March and April. Today, there were two interviews: one for a postdoc position and the other for a professor position.  An Indian student studying in a Japanese university applied for the postdoc position, whereas an associate professor working in other university sought for the professor position.  They presented their researches and future plans. I think both are good.  We are expecting another two interviews in the middle of this month.

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