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First day of the conference in Seoul

It was cloudy in the morning. I did not get a good view from the window. River was hardly seen. The conference was held at COEX conference center next to Intercontinental COEX.   There was a poster session in the morning. I was asked to evaluate 23 posters in one hour. Hard work! I did my best. After lunch, I went back to my hotel room. The view got better. Then I joined the conference again. Katya wrote me not to eat too much. So I had snacks in the lounge of the hotel. Now I am preparing my presentation tomorrow.

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Second Day of International Workshop

The workshop continued in Kofu Fujiya Hotel. In the morning, three lecturers talked. In the afternoon,  a poster session was held on the hall way.    Mostly, students presented their posters. There were two more talks, and the workshop ended at 5 PM. I went back home, took Maya-san for a walk, and went to a tennis lesson in Kose Sports Park.

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Business trip to Tokyo

I arrived at Kofu station at 6:15 AM by my motor cycle. For early breakfast, I took a beef bowl at Yoshinoya in front of the station. Then I took a bus to Tokyo. The bus was late by an hour because of a traffic jam. I arrived at the conference site in Odaiba at 10:30 PM.    Our institute director carried out a 40-minute speech.  I helped him with the poster presentation.  Our presentations ended with no problem. I took a bus back to Kofu at 5:30 PM from Shinjuku. It arrived at 7:40 PM at Kofu station. I took a motor bike back home. Natalia brought Russian bread from Russia … Continue reading

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2nd and the last day of the business trip

The hotel breakfast was a buffet. As I expected, rice was very good; best rice and sake are produced in Niigata. They cooked omelettes at the restaurant, too.  The breakfast made a good start of the day. In the morning, a colleague/coworker of mine made a good talk. In the evening, a student of me made a poster presentation, which was also good. For dinner, all the institute members participating in the conference, approximately 20 people, went out together to a restaurant.    Foods in Niigata are very good. Tomorrow, I need to work on the budget of my fund, so I will drive back in the morning, although the … Continue reading

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Business Trip to Niigata

There is a conference in Niigata.  I woke up at 4 AM, went to my office, and took mini to a hotel in Niigata. I took a rest at Yoneyama parking area. When I got our from the car, I felt heat! The temperature must have been higher than 30 degree C.    I took a rice bowl of tuna and salmon eggs for brunch. I arrived at the hotel, ANA Crown Plaza Niigata, at 12:30 PM. After I took a shower, I walked to the conference site. Mexican professor in University of Poitiers was there in the lecture hall, chairing the session. So in a couple of days, we … Continue reading

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Lectures started

From 9 AM, I opened the seminar with remarks for 15 min,  Then, we had two lectures in the morning. It was a bit clouded but was very pleasant. During the lunch time, I went out to take pictures.     Hotel Koumi RE-EX is on Koumi Highland, Nagano. The altitude is 1,452 m. In the evening, students and young scientist gave poster presentations till 11 PM over a drink. Katya arrived back in Kofu. She is now with Maya-san. We talked over a phone.

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