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Koraku-en Ramen Restaurant

For dinner, Katya and I went to Koraku-en, a ramen noodle restaurant. The restaurant is in a walking distance from our ex-apartment, but Katya and I had not been there together (I have been there for a couple of times, while Katya in Vladivostok). It is a standard ramen restaurant. Katya ordered dandan noodles, and I, vegetable ramen with small fried rice and dumplings.  I took all rice and we shared dumplings. The tastes were good; not surprising but satisfactory. We took mango pudding and chocolate ice cream for dessert. It was a good dinner.

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Ramen dinner

This afternoon, Katya and I went out together for finishing a small business. In the evening on the way back, we had ramen dinner at Kagetsu, a major ramen chain store in Japan.  Katya had not been there.    Taste was OK, but not the best. I will search and try a better one next time.

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Leaving Japan for Poitiers, France

I am taking two students to the University of Poitiers, France. I will make a small talk, too. I took a bus to Narita Airport from Kofu Station leaving at 2 PM.    There were only two passengers.  I was sleeping most of the time. At the airport, I bought some souvenirs to my colleagues in France. I took a bowl of dipping ramen for an early dinner.    I am writing this article at the departure gate.  The students are somewhere around. The plane leaves in an hour. I need to prepare. Wish me luck.

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