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Katya’s Birthday, August 21, 2012

After we got up, I gave Katya a small present for her birthday. I bought it in Korea and kept it. Then I took Maya-san for a morning walk (as a tiny extra birthday present), and left home. In the late afternoon, Katya came by Smart and we went together to Red Lobster. I had reserved seats for us. There were some customers even on a weekday.  We are glad because we have been worried about the withdrawal of Red Lobster from Kofu. We found that it is “Crab day” today on Tuesday, when we get some discounts. We ordered a lobster.       For Katya’s birthday, they took pictures … Continue reading

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Muravej’s birthday, 2012

In the morning, Katya and Maya-san kissed my happy birthday. I took Maya-san out for a morning walk, while Katya prepared breakfast. Katya bought me a Starbucks’ tumbler with a green-tea macaron. The tumbler should be useful, and we can use them together. Katya bought cakes yesterday, and we had them for breakfast, too. Then we went out for a walk together. On the pathway, a cherry blossom tunnel is made, but unfortunately, the blossoms were almost gone. It was a pleasant walk, anyway, then it started raining.  We got into Smart and went to a Starbucks coffee house. I filled up the tumbler for free as Katya did. We … Continue reading

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National Foundation Day, 2012, Lamborghini back

Today is the National Foundation Day, a holiday. In the morning, I worked in my office. In the afternoon, Katya and I took Maya-san for a walk around Ryugaike Lake. It was a warm day. Fishermen were busy fishing basses. Spring is getting closer. Ume blossoms are in bloom.    The bicycle shop called me to tell that Lamborghini had been fixed; I walk to the shop to take it. I rode it to the office. The master-degree student graduating this spring asked me to check the presentation. We worked together from 4 PM to 7 PM. At 7 PM, Katya came to pick me up. We went to Red Lobster … Continue reading

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Natalia’s Last Evening in Kofu

In the evening, we drove to Red Lobster.    We thought of going to a Japanese restaurant, but Natalia chose a comfortable place she knows. Natalia bought us a dinner.          Everything was good except for the chewy beef. I sent an e-mail of complaint to the headquarter of Red Lobster Japan. Luckily, Natalia did not have the meat because she was already full. It was a good dinner anyway.  Thank you, Natalia. Natalia is packing now.  She will be leaving tomorrow morning to Vladivostok.

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Quiet Birthday

It was my birthday today. I was busy in the morning and came back home for lunch at 2 PM. Katya gave me a Hilfiger shirt and a bottle of perfume for my birthday presents. Maya-san gave me kisses. In the evening, we went to Red Lobster for a birthday dinner. It was deserted inside more than usual on a Friday evening. Waiters and waitresses were less.  On March 1, they changed the menu, increasing combos, which made the quality look lower.  Actually, as far as we noticed, the taste was not bad. Drinks. I wore the shirt Katya gave me.  We took a lot of appetizers. We shared a … Continue reading

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Lazy Saturday

Katya likes animals.  She loves “Great Migrations” on National Geographic Channel.  We searched for the DVDs to find out they can be watched only in Region 1, whereas Japan is in Region 2. This morning, she woke up to watch the program starting at 7 AM.  I am not an animal fan, so I was in futon. I later woke up, had two slices of bread, and went to school for the rehearsal for one student.  On the way to school, it was slightly snowing. The student did OK.  We gave him some advice for his presentation on Tuesday. From the garden of my office, mountains were seen covered with … Continue reading

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Tetsuro Kawashima Quartet

In the afternoon, I took smart to YANASE Kofu for the 12th-month inspection. They let me use their car for one day during the inspection. This car is much too bigger than Smart, and I feel less comfortable. In the evening, Katya and I went to a Jazz concert of Tetsuro Kawashima Quartet held in the civic hall of Koku.  Kawashima is a popular sax player. The concert was supported by Kofu city, thus the ticket cost only 1,000 yen each. We went to the concert last year, too.  This year, the rest of all three members, pianist, drummer, and bass player, except Kawashima, have changed. The new members with Kawashima … Continue reading

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