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Lake Saiko and Lake Kawaguchiko on Sunday

In the morning, the weather forecast said it could be rainy all day today. We waited, and the sky was getting clearer. At 1 PM, Katya, Maya-san, and I left for Lake Saiko.    The temperature was 20 degree C. Very comfortable for a walk. After a short walk, we went into “Hanashinobu“, a restaurant where dogs are allowed.       We ordered sets of hamburg stew and omelette curry. The taste was not very bad, but the dishes were over-priced even in an resort area. We talked about the French lunch at “Ryu” we had last weekend, where the cheaper lunch was only 1,200 yen including a dessert and … Continue reading

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Sunday lunch at “Ryu” in Koshu city

On Friday, two  tickets arrived from Srarbucks coffee Japan, of which I am a stock holder. They have been sending me the complementary tickets once a year, which can be used for any drink served there. After taking Maya-san out for a walk, it started raining. Katya and I went to Starbucks for breakfast. Katya ordered milk chai and I caramel macchiato. After breakfast, Katya and I came back to take a rest for a while, and went our again leaving Maya-san home. First we went to Kojima electric shop to buy some batteries. One is used for a cordless phone handset, two for my camera and the smallest two … Continue reading

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