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Plenary talk successful

My talk started at 11:25 AM.  I had to finish my talk in 35 minutes for the questions, and I had to shorted the last part.  Other than that, it was successful. I answered the questions with no problem. Everybody came to tell me he enjoyed my talk. So I became happy, although I was half asleep. I took lunch with an American professor, whose lab I worked at during the sabbatical.  It was more than 5 years ago.  He was healthy but I felt he became older. In the afternoon, I nodded during the conference.  I am sorry but I could not help it. In the evening, five professors … Continue reading

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Boys’ Taco Party

I invited four  students and two researchers, who happened to be my ex-students, to dinner. Katya was out working, and I made tacos.  During my sabbatical in Illinois, a good friend of mine was a Mexican researcher.  We ate out Mexican foods often, and I learned the real taste of them. We are fortunate to be able to order almost everything on the internet.  I had found a good Mexican restaurant in Nagoya, from which I was able to order the ingredients. I was the host and cook.  Maya-san was the hostess asking students gently how they were. I was wondering and worried whether the foods were enough for the students. … Continue reading

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January 2006, Our Encounter in China

On the way back home from my sabbatical in Illinois to Japan, I dropped by Ghangzhou, China for a visit to a lab and for my rest before going back to work.  I stayed at “Victory Hotel”, where Katya happened to stay.  She was traveling around China to see the country.  She already spoke Chinese, then. On the day of arrival, I met her and invited her to dinner at a restaurant in the hotel.  I remember we had a whole fish.  She was used to eating Chinese food, and we had meals spicy. The following day, we decided to have a one-hour bus trip to Zhongshan city.  This is … Continue reading

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Two doctors I learned

During my sabbatical in 2005 in Illinois, U.S.A. I got acquainted with two doctors.  One was Dr. House, who was not yet on TV in Japan.  The other was Dr. Seuss, who is still not well-known in Japan. I found Dr. Seuss very interesting.  I understood how kids learn to read in the states.  I bought some of his books and brought them to Japan. In a gallery in L.A., I found this print “Self Portrait of an Artist Worrying About His Next Book“.  At the first glance, he attracted me. I bought it and brought it to Japan, too. I have not yet put it on the wall, either.

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