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Katya and Natalia returned from Hatsushima

Katya and Natalia arrived home before 6 PM. They were waiting for me. They seemed to be tired after two journeys, from Saipan and Atami/Hatsushima. I cooked tuna steaks for dinner. Katya had bought rice crackers as a souvenir in XIV Hatsushima. On the way back home, they dropped by Gotenba Premium Outlet.  They bought croissants at Fauchon for me. Boy, they were real, real French croissants! The flour must be imported. It is the most genuine croissant I have ever eaten in Japan. Everybody was tired, and we went to sleep.

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Katya and Natalia back in Kofu

Katya and Natalia took a plane early afternoon and left Saipan for Narita.  From Narita, they took a direct bus to Kofu Station. Maya-san and I came to pick them up. At the station, Maya-san knew whom she was waiting for. Katya and Natalia arrived at 11:30 PM, nearly midnight. Maya-san kissed them, especially Katya. I drove them home. They gave me a T-shirt and chocolates. Katya showed me a lot of pictures. All pictures looked beautiful and fun, on the land and in the sea. Then, Katya and Natalia went to sleep quickly and peacefully.

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Real estate meeting in Tokyo

In the evening, I went to Tokyo for an annual meeting of the Hongo apartment. Before the meeting, I went to the apartment in Shibakoen to check the bicycles.    They were not yet arranged in a proper way.  Moreover, more bicycles than registered.  I sent an e-mail to the real-estate managing company about the situation. Then I went to Shinjuku, and had a pork cutlet for dinner at Wako. . In the meeting for the Hongo apartment, there were four people. We talked about the schedules for the year. After the meeting, I went out of the building to find that Tokyo became much brighter than that after the … Continue reading

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Katya and Natalia, Saipan, Maya-san and Muravej, Office

After the midnight flight, Katya and Natalia arrived in Saipan. They seems to be  doing fine there. The hotel seems OK, although Katya said it is old. I am busy.  This evening, I worked with Maya-san in my office.

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Katya and Natalia went to Saipan

After lunch at home, I took Katya and Natalia to the station, where they took a bus at 2:15 PM to Narita Airport. The bus arrived at the airport before 6 PM, and the plane left at 8 PM.  They will arrive in Saipan at midnight. They will stay there for four nights.  We will talk on Skype.  I am very much looking forward to hear them.

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Business trip to Tokyo, Project starting

Katya and Natalia went to Tokyo in the morning. I came home for lunch and took Maya-san out for a walk. Then I went to Tokyo, too, but for a  discussion with two company researchers for the new  project. Yes, the project has started. Actually, it started on October 1, but I was at the conference in Boston. The discussion started at 3 PM and ended at 5 PM. We decided to have another meeting on October 27. It will be busy three years. I came back home at 8:30 PM. Katya and Natalia talked me about their fun in Tokyo. Tomorrow, they will leave for Saipan.    

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