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Starting preparing a seminar

The seminar for young scientists is getting very close, starting on August 29. I changed my mind and started working on it with my colleagues. There are many details to think about, and it is very challenging.

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Introductory article and Welcome party

From 7:30 AM, I concentrated myself on finishing an introductory article, without eating lunch.  It was only a five -page article; I finished it at 3 PM. I had some nuts then. I sent the file by e-mail. It will be published in October. From 4:30 to 6:30 PM, we had a meeting on a seminar held at the end of this month, of which I am chairman.  We are getting busier. From 7 to 8 PM, we had a welcome party for a Korean researcher. Since I woke up early this morning and worked hard, I soon got drunk over a single glass of beer. But I feel good.

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Participants increasing

From the end of August to the early September, I will chair a scientific seminar in Nagano. Many Asian researchers decided to come, fewer Americans and Europeans.  Japanese researchers and students are much fewer than last year, partly because of the earthquake. My colleagues and I called and sent e-mails, and today the number of the participant from the outside of our university raised up to 43. I hope there will be more than 50 people. It was less hot today.  I have been doing without an air conditioner in my office this summer.  I think I am getting used to it.

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Sending e-mails, Making phone calls

I am organizing a scientific seminar held at the end of August. Today, I was sending e-mails to look for participants to the  seminar. I was expecting 50 participants, but there are only 30 registrations till today, June 28, and the deadline is July 1! It was hot today, and I was in my office with only an electric fan, sending e-mails and making telephone calls. Asian students and scientists are coming, but Americans, Europeans, and Japaneses seem to hesitate to join the meeting. Some more decided to come after my calls, but I want more people.  So tomorrow, I will do the same.

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Lecture day

I took a buffet breakfast on the 25th floor by the window.  Nice view. I left the hotel at 8:20 AM, taking a train to the seminar place. The place is in Kagurazaka area, a historical downtown, where fancy (and expensive) Japanese restaurants are there now. A part of  Tokyo geishas work here (and a large part in Akasaka). This is a picture of a Japanese restaurant by the seminar building. And this is the seminar place. The seminar started at 9:10 AM.  I was the second lecturer, from 10:30 to 11:40. After lunch and three more talks, we had an advisory time.  Six company people came to ask questions. … Continue reading

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