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Marsh in Mt. Nyukasa

We had breakfast at my parents’ second house, returned the key to Mom, and left Shimosuwa. We headed for Fujimi Panarama Resort in Fujimi, Nagano.  When we got there, there were outdoor jazz concerts. Last time, we took a gondola to the top of Mt. Nyukasa, while this time, we tried a free bus ride for visitors. It took 40 minutes to the apex station by bus on a very narrow road. Sort of scary. We hiked around the marsh on the mountain.    There were many highland flowers. We enjoyed a very good climate. On the way back down, there were many people waiting for the bus. We had to make a … Continue reading

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Shinjuku and Shimosuwa

I left Kofu at 12:12 PM for a real estate meeting held in Shinjuku, Tokyo. It was a hot day even at the end of August.   The meeting ended at 3:30 PM. I took a train to Shimosuwa leaving at 4 PM. Katya. on the other hand, left Kofu with Maya-san by Smart to Shimosuwa. We met at my parents’ at 7 PM. Then, all of us headed for their second house. Katya left the house for her Russian friend’s. Maya-san is waiting for her.

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Second house of my parents in Shimosuwa

It has been hot in Kofu. Katya and I (and possibly Maya-san) need some moderate weather. My parents happened to buy a small house in their town Shimosuwa from my aunt living in Tokyo; her husband passed away, and the family does not use their villa anymore. My parents reformed it and let us stay this weekend. After my Saturday job, we left our apartment at 5:30 PM. On the way to my parents’, we took a walk with Maya-san. We arrived at my parents’ at 7:30 PM. After dinner, Mom led us to the house by car. The house was built 40 years ago, but it was clean with … Continue reading

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Hot days continue in Kofu

I miss the rainy season. Kofu is one of the hottest places in Japan. Air conditioner is essential now. It has become a difficult time of the year especially for Katya, who is leaving for Vladivostok on July 31; she still needs to wait. Summer is hard for Maya-san the dachshund, too, who needs to walk close to the hot, paved street. My parents living in Shimosuwa have bought a second house by the river. We will try to stay there.

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First day in Toba on Saturday, July 14, 2012

After breakfast, we told Maya-san that she would not come with us but stay with my parents. Maya-san understood as usual, felt lonely as usual, and did not come to see us off as usual. Katya and I left Shimosuwa for Toba after 10 AM. Katya drove first. Japan is suffering from heavy rains these days, but fortunately, it did not rain on the way to Toba. We stopped by “Byoubuzan” Parking Area and I started driving after Katya. We next took a rest at “Oyamada” Parking Area. Near Yokkaichi, we were caught by a traffic jam for eight kilometers. Other than that, the traffic went smooth. We arrived at XIV … Continue reading

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Going to Shimosuwa for the trip to Toba tomorrow

The researchers from Shimadzu have finished the work for this week. They left the lab at 4 PM. They will come again after two weeks. Katya picked me up at 7:20 PM by Smart. For dinner, she drove with me to a sushi restaurant, Tokube, which was full of people.    After dinner, Katya and I came back home, packed the baggage, took Maya-san, and left for my parents’ in Shimosuwa. We will stay one day before going to Toba. Maya-san will be left. It is a pity but she will have some fun, too, with my parents.

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Shimosuwa to Hatsushima on Greenery Day、May 4, 2012

   Katya and I left Shimosuwa to Hatsushima at 8:30 AM, leaving Maya-san with my parents. The weather was pleasant, and we enjoyed driving. However, it did not last forever. We were caught in a traffic jam. The jam lasted for several tens of minutes. To save time, we bought light lunch at 7-Eleven.  We hurried to Atami Harbor. The boat leaves for Hatsushima Harbor at 2:10 PM. We barely made it a couple of minutes before the departure. In Hatsushima Island, we always stay in Grand XIV Hatsushima Club Hotel. Our room was assigned on the 7th floor up the entrance of the hotel. Before dinner starting at 8 … Continue reading

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Constitution Day in Shimosuwa

Today is Constitution Day. I worked in the morning. At 3:30 PM, we left for Shimosuwa with Russian soup, salad, and Chili. We arrived at my parents’ before dinner.  Anju, my sister’s dog, was there to welcome us. Mom prepared a wooden tub of sushi rice with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on. It became a big dinner. Maya-san was enviously watching us.

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Working before Shimosuwa and Hatsushima

Katya, Maya-san, and I are planning to see my parents tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, Katya and I will leave for Hatsushima (sorry, Maya-san. Have a buffet time in Shimosuwa with my parents). So I continuously worked. Tomorrow morning, I will work, and this is it. Even, in the evening, I cooked chili con carne, which we will bring to my parents’. Katya will bring some Russian dishes, too.

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A walk in Tokyo

We woke up late and arrived at the restaurant for breakfast at 9:30 AM. “We will have a wedding party from 12 PM. The restaurant will be closed at 10 AM.”, they said at the entrance. So we rushed to the dishes for breakfast. It was a busy breakfast, although the view of Tokyo from the windows was good. After the breakfast, I bought presents for the anniversary and gave them to Katya. Tokyo Marathon was held today.  Katya and I watched the race. A Japanese runner, Arata Fujiwara, made a good race to win the silver medal. We then checked out and headed for the Imperial palace. I was thinking … Continue reading

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