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Last day of the conference

I checked out the hotel and walked to the convention center. I was there till 2 PM, and left  for Hamamatsu Station. I bought tickets to Kofu via Shizuoka. I took a bullet train to Shizuoka and changed to “Fujikawa” an express train, which runs on Minobu line. Minobu line was destroyed by a typhoon on September 21, 2011 and had not been used till March 17, 2012. In the train, there was an announcement telling how the railways were repaired. Fujikawa is known for its switchback. I arrived in Kofu at 6 PM. Katya and Maya-san came to pick me up. At home, I gave Katya green-tea puddings. They tasted … Continue reading

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Preparation for the conference meeting

The conference meeting awaits us at the end of March in Shizuoka prefecture. From this morning on Saturday, eight students made the rehearsals.  It took eight hours in all. We, the teachers, got tired. Six of them will make rerehearsals. Katya tried “Barista” today. The taste was not as rich as a real coffee maker, but it works.  

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Student’s parents meet me

The parents of my Ph. D student living in Shzuoka prefecture have been in Kofu for a couple of days to attend his graduation and to help him move from his apartment. This evening, they visited me. It was my first time to meet them. We had a pleasant conversation. I wished luck to my students. The parents gave souvenirs to me and to Katya. A bottle of sake, “Isojiman“, for me.    For Katya, a box of strawberries, “Akihime“. . They were very big and sweat.

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