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Buffet Lunch, Shosenkyo Walk, and Noah Vet Clinic on Sunday

For lunch, we decided to try a buffet in Kofu Fujiya Hotel. Katya and I, together and separately, had gone to have a Chinese buffet before, which was satisfactory. The Chinese buffet was ended, and the buffet changed into a mixture of Japanese, Chinese, and Western. The buffet was held at “Vent Vert“. We arrived at 11:50 AM. It was so crowded inside. We were directed to a private room.    The room was assigned to us not because we are VIPs but there was no room left. The place was far from the buffet tables. The foods were not the first class but acceptable. However, the atmosphere was bad; … Continue reading

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Gusto, Shosenkyo, and New Mahal on Sunday

In the morning, Katya and I had breakfast at Gusto as usual.    I read a newspaper and Katya a book. In the afternoon, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to Shosenkyo Valley  for a walk.       The green was young and beautiful. Katya and I had dinner at New Mahal.    I asked a Nepali waiter in Japanese to make my curry spicy.  He was mistaken and made my chicken curry much less spicy. Boy, wasn’t I disappointed.  However, since he was not a Japanese, I thought it was partly my fault. The curry was not very good for me, but I ate them all. The waiter was very pleasant. We … Continue reading

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Shosenkyo after the typhoon

In the afternoon, we drove to Shosenkyo. It takes only 30 minutes from home to there. On the way, I was singing PONPONPON, and Katya was fed up with it. There were very few cars in the parking lot, very understandable after the typhoon. As we walked up, the river began to run more vigorously. The water was dangerously falling down at the fall, making noises and splashes. It was a good change of mind. After coming home, I started working for finishing my duties before my departure tomorrow.

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Mostly Healthy Sunday

In the morning, Katya, Maya-san, and I took mini and went to the parking lot of Hotel Yogai. There is a good walking course from the hotel.  We left mini and started walking. We have been suffering from the pollen allergy of Japanese cedar, and the mountain was full of the trees.  However, we did not feel anything any more.  The rain yesterday must have washed out the pollens from the trees onto the ground. We enjoyed walking. In the afternoon, we went to EST Tennis School to join a trial lesson.  It was OK with me.  For Katya, the indoor courts were too dusty and she needed more basic … Continue reading

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While I was at work, Katya went to Shosenkyo again to take pictures.  She showed me some of the pictures (Pics 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that looked like beautiful abstract art works. In the afternoon, Katya’s Ukrainian friend, Kseniya, living in Higashi Yamanashi city came to our apartment with her Japanese husband.  They have a farm and brought us persimmons.  Katya was teaching when they arrived, and they left a box of them in front of our apartment.  Kseniya called to Katya saying that Maya-san had barked so furiously inside to keep our residence. Their persimmons grew good and large. There were no seeds inside, and the taste … Continue reading

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