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Mariya crawls

Mariya is getting good at crawling. Katya showed her on skype to her parents using iPhone.    She came and bit the string attached to my camera. She likes strings and cords these days.

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Experiments continued

From the early morning, I have been carrying out experiments with a student of mine and a researcher from Panasonic. By our side, a professor from Keio University was doing his with my colleague. When I had time, I was writing a paper, too. Students came to me once in a while to ask me how to submit their abstracts and register themselves with the conference (actually, the registration procedure was very complicated). I got so tired after these three day. When I came home, Katya started talking with her parents on Skype. Mariya was on a new  foam-plastic matress we bought at Babies “R” Us in Odaiba.    Katya … Continue reading

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Second day in Odaiba, May 2, 2012

Mariya woke up and up during the midnight, but we survived. We went to breakfast at Georgetown. Mariya behaved nicely as usual.    Very fortunately, it was fine today in the morning. I took a picture of Katya and Mariya in front of Tokyo Bay Ariake Washington Hotel, where we stay in. Then we started walking to the center of Odaiba. Katya knows Odaiba well. She took us to Aqua City Odaiba.    We looked around shops inside. Mariya was becoming tires, so we had a quick lunch at Burger KING. After lunch, I started holding Mariya in front of me. We took Yurikamome Line to go back to the … Continue reading

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Showa Day: April 29, 2013

Today was Showa Day, a holiday. Everybody got on the car. First, we went to Nishimatsu Ya, a baby-goods shop.    We went there to buy a shade for a baby carriage. Then we dropped by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee for me.   Then we went back home. After a quick lunch, all of us got on Smart again to Midorigaoka Sports Park.    We started a walk.      Katya pushed the carriage and I was taking Maya-san with me.  After some while, we switched. We placed Mariya in a chair again to go back home. For dinner, I went to Manpuru Roh again. Today’s dishes were … Continue reading

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Monday in Summer Vacation

It is Monday today. There is no meeting at all; I checked e-mails, wrote syllabi for the lectures, and sent on the web the scores of the students taking my classes. I went to see a nose doctor, and had my hair cut at a barber’s. In the evening, Katya and I talked on skype. Katya said that her parents gave many souvenirs to Japan. She will be coming back to Japan tomorrow from Vladivostok.

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Forest walk with Maya-san on Sunday

Today is Sunday. I woke up at 9 AM. It was getting hot again, so I decided to take Maya-san for a walk in the mountain. I arrived at a parking lot of a hotel “Zabouan” and starting walking in a forest.    We took a walk for an hour and come back home. I felt tired and took a nap. Then I worked home. For dinner, I cooked a bowl of vegetable ramen. It was a success. Then I talked with Katya on the skype. She said the temperature had finally raised up to 30 degree C in Vladivostok. People liked it, but Katya preferred a cool weather while … Continue reading

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Small International Meeting

Katya is in Vladivostok. I took Maya-san out for a walk in the morning before going to school. There was a small international meeting starting at 10 AM. Six lectures were given. I saw two German professors after a year, both of whom are invited. During the lunch time, I quickly went back home to say hello to Maya-san. The meeting ended at 4 PM. At 5 PM, I went back home for Maya-san’s walk. After the walk, she asked for a shower again. At 8 PM, I finished my job. Today, I was able to talk with Katya on skype. She told me she could hear my voice clearly. … Continue reading

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Katya left home for Vladivostok

In the morning, I took Maya-san out for a walk while Katya was preparing for the departure. I drove Katya to Kofu station.  Maya-san was not with us because Katya did not want to let her down. We took breakfast together at “Vie de France“. Then, Katya took a bus to Narita airport. We said good-bye on the cell phone around 4:30 PM, and Katya left for Vladivostok. I took Maya-san for an evening walk at 6 PM. It became cooler, but after the walk, Maya-san asked a shower to cool her down. Katya safely arrived in Vladivostok. We talked on skype; I was able to listen to Katya clearly, … Continue reading

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A day with Maya-san

I decided to take a break today, and I was with Maya-san all day. I took her out in the morning. She found a cat, chased it, and gave it a bite. We had breakfast together. Then I was checking mails and was doing some work. Maya-san was mainly out on the veranda chasing crickets. Sorry for her they are less now (not because she had them all but they moved out from the garden to see the world). We took a nap together. In the late afternoon, I took Maya-san to the park near Arakawa river. It was not hot then, and she enjoyed walking around.   She has … Continue reading

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Katya arrives in Vladivostok

Katya safely arrived in Vladivostok from Korea. We talked on skype  in the evening. Katya was happy with her family. The weather in Vladivostok is for her, too. Katya asked me whether I am eating right. I said of course I was preparing an eel bowl for dinner. She said good. After I hang up, I remembered I had eaten lunch at . Probably, it does not count. While Katya is out, I decided to buy a French TV program; this could help me during my stay in France in September.

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