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mini back

Following Smart, mini came back today. I waited for it for a long time. At 10:30 AM, I went to the parking lot, which is by the landlord’s house. I first visited the  landlord to pay my parking fee. She was worried about mini because it had not been there for a month. I told her that it would come back soon. She was happy about it and suggested me to change the parking place, with the same fee, which is less sunny and better. I thankfully accepted her offer. Soon after the chat, mini came back with the familiar sound. It was placed in the new section. It was … Continue reading

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Smart back, Dohshinboh surviving

In the afternoon, we went to Yanase Kofu to receive Smart. Katya and I were waiting inside till the car was ready. Katya drove Smart. She was happy to have her favorite car back. Then we went to Dohshinboh, the Chinese restaurant, for lunch. To our surprise, and happiness, there were nine more people beside us.    Katya and I have been talking that Dohshinboh might be already on the edge of a bankrupt because we see few customers,  and that we should visit it as often as possible before the time comes. Hopefully, we might be mistaken. There are 22 combos, each of which costs only 600 yen.    … Continue reading

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Our cars

1. mini mini is still being repaired. Although I do not drive it often, I feel worried because it takes such a long time for the repair. No news is a good news?? 2. Smart I received a phone call today telling that the problem was the bearings. They will fix it in a couple of days.

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First snow, Smart gone, Dohshinboh worriness

We had the first noticeable snow this winter in Kofu, 2-mm thick.    In the afternoon, we took Smart to Yanase Kofu. C class they let us use did not blow warm air, so we returned to Yanase to have it fixed. On the way back home, we dropped by Dohshinboh, our favorite Chinese restaurant close to it. This restaurant started in December last year. We are trying to help them by visiting and eating. However, unfortunately, there were only two of us this evening. Foods were good as usual.       Katya and I were talking about what is wrong with this restaurant. The location could be one of … Continue reading

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Day after the holiday, Smart’s repair rescheduled

After the holidays, works get tougher mainly because of the emails, especially those from abroad; they have different holidays. Katya told me that Smart makes louder noise. I called to Yanase.  They said they will let us use another car from January 24 during the repair. “Unfortunately”, the office worker said on the phone, “the car will be Japanese”. Yanase is a dealing company of imported automobiles, so it would be sorry to have customers use domestic cars, I suppose. We do not care, and accepted the proposal.

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Smart out of form, Dohshinboh dinner, Never-laugh hotel

Smart makes noise. I took it to Yanase Kofu. They said it could be because of bearings. I will take Smart on February 1; they will let us use an A-class during the repair. In the evening, we went to Dohshinboh Chinese restaurant for the first time this year. I took a glass of complementary Chinese rice wine. Appetizers.    Combos.    This Chinese restaurant is very good; prices are low but qualities are high. We will visit if often. In the evening, we watched a DVD comedy, “Never laugh in this hotel”. Katya is fond of this “Never-Laugh” series.

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Tennis with new glasses

Katya came to pick me up as usual at 7 PM for the tennis lesson. I decided to wear my new glasses on during the lesson. I saw very well, although, I lost the sense of the length and the shape. When I was on Smart by Katya, I felt a car sick. The stairs to the tennis courts were scary because I was not able to grasp how high they are. I felt dizzy, too. But I tried the lesson with keeping the glasses on. It was worth trying. I was slowly getting used to them. I understood when to hit the balls. My dizziness was gone. I think I … Continue reading

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Smart returns, New glasses arrive

Before lunch, I sneaked out and drove Opel to fetch Smart at Yanase, which had been inspected and repaired. On the way back to my office, I dropped by an optician’s shop to get my new glasses; my eyes are heavily astigmatic, and I wanted a pair of glasses for not seeing multiple balls while playing tennis. I was driving back with my glasses on. I was able to see much better, but I felt as if I had lost a sense of measuring length. Dangerous! I need to get use to them. Here am I wearing the new pair. I will try the glasses tomorrow.

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Opel Astra

People in Japan thought Opel is not worth buying. It is not cheap, but not gorgeous, and less reliable: Opel is not sold in Japan any more. Smart’s governmental every-2-year inspection day is getting close. Yesterday, I brought Smart to Yanase, Kofu. They let me use Opel Astra.    I think it is not a bad car. The size is as big as Smart, and runs well. Katya says it is boring; she likes Smart better, except for Astra’s heater, lights, and suspension. We will use it till the day after tomorrow.

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Lonely tennis

Katya and I restarted tennis in a tennis class in November. We normally go on Tuesdays. The Tuesday class could be the most basic one, and it is good for us to practice fundamental skills again. Last Tuesday, I went to a party and Katya alone went to the class. Today, Friday, I joined the class alone. Katya took me to the court with Smart. She had bought me a new pair of tennis shoes because my nails were damaged by running in my old shoes. It was the day of the first trial of the shoes. Although it is in the mid November, the temperature was suitable for playing … Continue reading

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