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Meeting at Tokyo University of Science at Kagurazaka

I went to Tokyo University of Science at Kagurazaka for two meetings, an awards ceremony, a lecture, and a party of a scientific society I am joining.    I went up to the 17th floor. I am an official of the society. I had recommended a professor for the society prize, which he received. So I went to see him awarded and giving a lecture. After his lecture, there was a small party. I congratulated him on his award. He was happy. After coming back to Kofu, I saw booths of wineries in front of the station.  Many people were enjoying wines and foods.    Tasting would have been fun if I … Continue reading

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Business trip to Tamachi and Okubo in Tokyo

I took “Azusa” express train to Tamachi, Tokyo; I am a member of the journal committee of a scientific society. The meeting was held in Tamachi Campus of Tokyo Institute of Technology. We talked about the schedules of the journal and future plans. The meeting ended at 5 PM. Then I moved to Okubo to meet people in an apartment managing company; the managing  company of an apartment in Myorenji does not seem to be working properly. I talked about how the present management goes and how much it costs. I am not sure whether I will propose to change the managing company, but I will keep thinking of this … Continue reading

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Business trip to Tokyo

I was asked by a scientific society to give an introductory lecture to students and company researchers in Tokyo tomorrow.  I took a train at 8:02 PM at Kofu station. I had no time for dinner, so I bought a lunch box at the station. 1,100JPY was too expensive, but there was no choice. When I started eating, the train suddenly stopped with a big noise and a vibration.  I first thought it was an earthquake. It turned out that it was because of an “accident with a person”.  It was a bad feeling, but we had to stay inside. The train restarted after 90 min. I got to Shinjuku … Continue reading

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