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BBQ and Poster Awards

The room was a simple one with two bed. I stayed with a colleague. In the evening, we had a time for excursion/recreation. I took a nap and walked around. The hotel has a golf course and ski slopes. I found a chapel. I went in an outside hot-spring spa. At 6 PM, we took a bus to Takizawa Farm.   We had an indoor BBQ. I chaired the ceremony for the poster awards. Some participants had some more drinks from 9 PM till midnight in a room.

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Warm Winter Sunday

On weekend mornings, Maya-san usually takes a walk with me.  There is a place where Maya-san likes to sniff around.  She never found anything, but probably, small animals, like rats, play there. Although mountains over there are covered with snow, it was a very warm day. Maya-san likes narrow streets.  When she walks, she always searches something interesting. After the walk, Katya and I had breakfast at Jonathan’s in Kofu.  Maya-san kept the apartment all by herself. We bought coffees and teas at Coffee Tonya.  We had cups of espresso while coffees are ready to be taken out. Then, Katya and I went out for tennis.  It was a perfect … Continue reading

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First Ski in 2011

We left Karuizawa Mura Hotel at 10 PM. We dropped by XIV Karuizawa, where we were going to stay this evening. We left one of our luggages in the hotel and had breakfast in the lounge. We often stay at XIV hotels enjoying their reasonable services. We drove for one and a half hour for skiing to Kusatsu Spa and Ski Area. We first went there last winter and liked it. On the way, we had a good view of Mount Asama, a volcano. The quality of snow was good for this season of the start of the year. It started snowing. After the ski, we went shopping at Karuizawa … Continue reading

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Year-End Party

Before the winter vacation comes, we had a year-end party this evening of all the members of the institute, namely 90 members including teachers, researchers, students, and office workers.  Everybody got together. The party was held in a banquet room in a hotel. A bus was reserved from the institute to the hotel, although I rode my Lamborghini. It was a big dinner over drinks; the general idea of the party is forget bad things that happened during the year. I have not told anybody about my blog except the American professor, so I just show you foods served, not people present. Many students were there, so the quantity was … Continue reading

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Arriving in Kyoto

On Friday evening, Katya, Maya-san, and I left our apartment at 7:30 PM by Smart for my parents’ in Shimosuwa.  Maya-san was left to my parents, and Katya and I moved forward to Kyoto.  Katya mostly drove, and I did for the last part of the journey.  It was a 420-km drive, and we arrived in Kyoto at 2 AM. There is a discount for the weekend highway drives.  We got off the highway on (very early) Saturday, and that made the highway fee reduced to 1,200 yen from Shimosuwa to Kyoto. The hotel we stayed at was Hotel “SUN MEMBERS KYOTO-SAGA”. This is the second time for us to … Continue reading

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Crab party

One of my colleagues, an ex-student of mine, is from Fukui.  His parents sent a bunch of “Echizen Crabs“, and he brought them to the institute. Students had a crab party in a hall yesterday.  Since I was working and could not join, he saved one for me. During the lunch time, I went back to the apartment for lunch and for shower.  I brought the crab. I put it in a refrigerator. I had it in the evening.  Katya eats only legs, so I left them for her.  I took the meat out. I think I will use it for spaghetti.

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Blogs I like

In the morning from 9 to 12 AM, I discussed with a student of mine, who has been building up a new measurement system.  He is having good data these days.  We had a long and fruitful discussion. I had a protein bar for lunch. From 1 to 2:30 PM, we had a scientific meeting in a group. From 2:45 to 4:15 PM, I taught students about digital circuits. I had a cup-o-rice soup for my second lunch. Then I started writing a paper.  I want to finish it soon. I left the lab at 8 PM and had a good Spanish soup Katya made. We went out for a … Continue reading

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Hakone, Hatsushima, Snorkeling

It was a pleasant morning with a pleasant breeze.  I took these photos from the windows of our room. After having breakfast, we left Resorpia Hakone for Atami port. We took a boat to Hatsushima island. For taking a boat to Hatsushima, I used free tickets for stock holders, which I had purchased at the Yahoo auction. We arrived at XIV Hatsushima Club hotel at 1 PM. The room was not available yet, so we had refreshments at the lounge to relax for a while. We had lunch at an Italian restaurant, “Porto“. In XIV Hatsushima Club, they give us 50%-discount coupons for lunch, and we took the advantage. We … Continue reading

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What we live on

You know what they are and how we get them. I made an eggplant spaghetti.  We had an Australian wine today. Katya is planning to cook with Chinese garlic sauce. We are pros.

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Hole Digging in Kiyosato

On Sunday morning, Katya worked on translation, and I,  in the garden.  In the afternoon, we drove out and had a late lunch in “Kiyosato no Mori“, a park in the Kiyosato resort area.  It took an hour from our apartment.  We had salad and shared a plate of Okonomiyaki. We took Maya-san, too; she is an expert in hole-digging and never fails to make good, deep holes in the playing field of this park. We peeled her off the ground in spite of her disagreement, and moved to another park, “Oka no Koen“.  Katya and I played tennis, and Maya-san judged games.  After tennis, we took Onsen, a natural … Continue reading

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