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Shopping on Labor Thanksgiving Day

It was a national holiday today. In the morning, we had coffee we bought at Coffee Tonya. I grounded the beans. I had the beans roasted in the Italian manner, by mistake, instead of French, so the coffee was stronger than we normally have. But the beans were good and coffee was tasty with milk. Katya and I went out shopping without Maya-san, who hopefully enjoyed a nap. First we went to Sports DEPO.    We asked to change the strings of our rackets. Then we walked to a 100-yen shop, Daiso. Katya bought some goods for magic tricks to show at her English lessons to kids. Then we drove … Continue reading

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smart needs repaired

I went to my office in the morning to reserve the train tickets on the web for the American professor. Then I first went to Kofu station to buy them and to Konaya Hotel to pick the professor up. We had our last talk in Starbucks, and he left Kofu to Tokyo, Narita, and to the US.  He will be back to Japan in September for conferences. Katya has been talking about the malfunctioning of smart these days.  She suspected that it was because of the battery getting weak.  Katya and Maya-san took smart and I, mini, to Super Autobacs, an automobile shop. It has been quite a while since … Continue reading

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Quiet Sunday

I stayed up late working last night, and I had a good sleep till 10 AM.  After taking Maya-san for a walk, Katya and I had brunch at Gusto Then, I started making beef stew, which I long wanted to make once myself.  While I was cooking, Katya went out shopping. After Katya came home, we took Maya-san out again, and then went out for tennis on a public court.  Katya had bought a pair of tennis shoes specialized to be used on clay and omni courts and she wanted to try them for the first time. Last time we played, the sun light really annoyed us, so we planned … Continue reading

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Saturday Work

In the morning, students in the institute held their research presentations, and teachers joined.  Eight students talked, one of whom is mine.  He did a good job. After the presentation, teachers stayed for a meeting ; we are going to hold a workshop next summer in Nagano.  It is a small, 4-day workshop with approximately 80 participants, and I will chair the workshop. I am stressed these days because of the works I have, and was worried about today’s meeting, too, but the schedules I proposed were accepted, which made me feel relieved. I had lunch at home, and Katya and I went to Yanase to have a break pad … Continue reading

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Busy Sunday

There is a hotel in the mountain. In the morning, we headed for the hotel, parked our Smart at the parking lot and went for a hiking with Maya-san. We came back home and urgently went to a tennis court to try the borrowed rackets again.  Katya liked one of them. We came back again, took a quick shower, and went to a concert hall near Kofu. Our favorite local amateur orchestra played Symphony No. 5 of Tchaikovsky very well.  We were fascinated! We came back again, took Maya-san, and headed for the sports shop.  Katya bought  a Babolat racket.  It will be ready on Friday. We took Maya-san to … Continue reading

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