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Seminar and meeting in Tokyo

I continued copying and pasting. At 2 AM, a mail arrived from a Mexican friend working for a French university; he invited me to the defense of his Chinese  PhD student, and the date of defense was decided on September 18th. So I will visit France in September. I finished the report at 4 AM. I uploaded the file to a free storage site and sent the url to the governmental institute asking to download it to check. I came back home, took Maya-san for a morning walk, and left for Tokyo for a seminar of a graphic software I am using. I slept in the train. I got off … Continue reading

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Children’s Day, 2013

We had late breakfast at Starbucks. In the afternoon, we went out for a walk. For dinner, Katya bought hand-rolled sushi.  

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Showa Day: April 29, 2013

Today was Showa Day, a holiday. Everybody got on the car. First, we went to Nishimatsu Ya, a baby-goods shop.    We went there to buy a shade for a baby carriage. Then we dropped by Starbucks to get a cup of coffee for me.   Then we went back home. After a quick lunch, all of us got on Smart again to Midorigaoka Sports Park.    We started a walk.      Katya pushed the carriage and I was taking Maya-san with me.  After some while, we switched. We placed Mariya in a chair again to go back home. For dinner, I went to Manpuru Roh again. Today’s dishes were … Continue reading

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Muravej’s birthday, 2012

In the morning, Katya and Maya-san kissed my happy birthday. I took Maya-san out for a morning walk, while Katya prepared breakfast. Katya bought me a Starbucks’ tumbler with a green-tea macaron. The tumbler should be useful, and we can use them together. Katya bought cakes yesterday, and we had them for breakfast, too. Then we went out for a walk together. On the pathway, a cherry blossom tunnel is made, but unfortunately, the blossoms were almost gone. It was a pleasant walk, anyway, then it started raining.  We got into Smart and went to a Starbucks coffee house. I filled up the tumbler for free as Katya did. We … Continue reading

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Exercise in Kai Yu Park and Fill-up in Starbucks

Katya and I went to Kai Yu Park, a public sports center in Kai city. with indoor swimming pools and gyms. Katya walked and I swam for one hour in different pools. On the way back home after the exercises, we went to Starbucks for snacks. Katya brought the tumbler I gave her on White Day.    The tumbler worked well. It kept heat giving no bad taste to coffee.

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Farewell Party #1 on White Day

One of the research groups invited me to a graduation party at Monojiya in front of Kofu Station. I went there for the first time. It was decorated in an old way.    Nearly 30 people joined the party. Today is White Day in Japan, when a guy sends a girl present. This year, I gave Katya a Starbucks’ portable coffee mug.

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Za Cherry Christmas! – December 24, 2011 -

Today is Saturday, December 24, Christmas Eve. I worked till 5:30 PM and finished a paper. I came back home and directly went to downtown with Katya. We took a light meal at Starbucks. Then we went to an art theater, “Sakura-za“, meaning “Theatre (Za) Cherry (Sakura)”, for a Christmas Eve concert “Za Cherry Christmas!”. The program was given at the entrance.    I like the artistic interior and atmosphere, which Kayta does not care too much. Bar/Lounge, where people are allowed to smoke freely, brings us back to the 60′s. The inside of the theater is kept as an old Japanese one for classic plays. There are two thick, … Continue reading

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Rather relaxing day

I woke up in the morning and got out of my room.    I took a walk around the hotel. There was a small, cozy park just in front of the hotel. I found a cathedral.    I looked for a restaurant for breakfast. I found a Starbucks, so I took a coffee and a sandwich outside; the temperature was still high enough to go without a sweater. The I took trains to Westin for listening to the talks. For lunch, I walked to the South Station, because I the atmosphere pleased me. I took a Chinese dish out and had it in the station. In the afternoon, I continued listening … Continue reading

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Macarons and Chinese Restaurant

Katya and I had a quick lunch together at Starbucks. I found a pack of two small macarons. I will check the taste of macarons in France next time. For diner, we went to a Chinese restaurant, Mampuku Roh, on Takeda street. It is close to the university. Katya had never been there. The prices are reasonable and students like to go to there.    The tastes acceptable. We would go there sometimes.

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Fujimi Panorama Resort Area in Mount Nyukasa

I am a Starbucks stock holder.  The company gives me two complimentary drink tickets per year. In the morning, we went to Starbucks for breakfast.  I had ordered a booklet of Tanka, a form of Japanese poem, written by a French poet, and it arrived yesterday.  I started reading it. It was more interesting than I expected.  I will read through and will write about it. It was a hot day again.  We drove to Fujimi Panorama Resort Aria in Mt. Nyukasa in Nagano prefecture. From the foot of the mountain, we took a gondola. The gondolas are used for skiers during winter.  It ran very fast up near to … Continue reading

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