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Tokube with Mariya

Katya sent me an e-mail telling that Nishikori was beaten by Andujar in Madrid Open yesterday. In the evening, Katya, Mariya and I went to a Sushi restaurant, “Nigiri no Tokube” in Shikishima. It was rainy. Katya was holding Mariya in her arms in the restaurant. Mariya was mainly playing with a small soy-sauce saucer.    We had many plates of sushi. Mariya had been a very good girl in the restaurant as usual.

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Mom and Dad coming to Kofu and Mariya’s spoon

Right after her birth, my parents naturally wanted to meet Mariya. Today’s Sunday and they are coming to Kofu by train. I arrived at Kofu station at 11 AM. In the department store “Eclan” by the station, I looked for something for lunch. I bought two large packs of take-out sushi at Kyodaru. There is a wine shop, and I bought a bottle of Kofu wine for my parents and one non-alcoholic for me and Katya. I left sushi and wine bottles in the car, and went to the ticket gate of the station to see my parents. There was a campaign of Aizu district in Fukushima to invite tourists. … Continue reading

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Sun Meadows in summer and Busiest Tokube

After breakfast, we went to “Sun Meadows Kiyosato Ski Resort.” In summer, the slope is good for walking. There are two lifts taking us up, too.    After the arrival, we first visited a small lake near by. Sometimes, people learn canoeing on the lake, but today there was nobody. Maya-san took a bath in to cool her down.    We walked along the side way and went up the slope.    Then we walked down and took a lift up again.    Maya-san was with Katya on the lift. She was not afraid of the ride. Views of the city down from the hill and up the mountain.    … Continue reading

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Tokube visit on a typhoon night

Typhoon #4 hits Japan today. Kofu is in the mountainous area and the damages are normally not large. Even though, the rain was heavy and the wind strong. At 8 PM, Katya came to the office by car to pick me up to a sushi restaurant “Nigiri no Tokube” because today’s 19th of June, which is a Tokube Day. In the restaurant, there were some people enjoying sushi even during the storm. The menu was changed to that of a summer version.       I was going to work early in the morning tomorrow, but is could still be a hard rain. So Katya took me back to the office … Continue reading

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Camera Malfunctioning

It was rainy today. I taught two classes  as usual. The second class ended at 2:30 PM. I took all the materials out and quickly went out to a Chinese restaurant, Manpuku Roh, which closes at 3 PM. After the quick lunch, I had a discussion with students from 3:30 to 4:10 PM. Then, there was an administration meeting from 4:30 to  5 PM. I checked e-mails and continued my jobs. Katya picked me up at 8 PM at the institute. In the rain, we headed for a sushi restaurant, Nigiri no Tokube; there was a 19% discount coupon left unused. I tried to take pictures as usual in the restaurant, … Continue reading

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Constitution Day in Shimosuwa

Today is Constitution Day. I worked in the morning. At 3:30 PM, we left for Shimosuwa with Russian soup, salad, and Chili. We arrived at my parents’ before dinner.  Anju, my sister’s dog, was there to welcome us. Mom prepared a wooden tub of sushi rice with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on. It became a big dinner. Maya-san was enviously watching us.

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Total Lunar Eclipse

It was a beautiful day. From Kofu city, Mt. Fuji was clearly seen. For dinner, Katya and I went to Tokube. Extra wasabi, or horse radish, is something we do not miss.   I had a crab miso soup, too. Yellowtails are good in winter. We were expecting a lunar eclipse starting at 9:45 PM. It would be a total eclipse after 11 years. I had a slight cold and left Katya take pictures. She was taking these photos continuously.       It was mysterious. The hide of the moon should continue for 50 min, but we came in to our apartment to avoid the coldness. I had a hot … Continue reading

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Takeout from Tokube on Saturday

I worked till 7 PM. For dinner, I went by mini to Tokube for a takeout.  Normally, eating sushi is the best right after they are made, but Maya-san’s left hind leg became weak these days, and we decided not to leave her alone. Tokube was full of people on a Saturday evening. It took only 15 minutes for the takeout.  They gave me 10%-discount coupons valid for two months.  We will use them. It is also fun and relaxing to have sushi with Maya-san.

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Spring Sushi

We went to Tokube on Tokube day, or the 19th, for 19% discount coupon. They served sushi of spring. First bonito of the season and sea bream. Halfbeak. They even served bamboo sushi. It has been a rainy day.  We felt no pollen today.  Probably, the season of pollen allergy is ending.

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English Teaching and Sushi Eating

In the evening, I taught English to three of my students in my office.  I had them memorize skits at home, and they first practiced the skits in front of me.  Then they did some dictation. When I finished the class, Katya called me saying she had no time for cooking today.  So we went to Tokube. Yellowtails were very good.  They are good especially in winter. After sushi, we ordered desserts.  Katya had herb rice cakes with brown sugar syrup as usual. I had sweet-omelet sushi and sweet baked-conger sushi. We used a 19%-off ticket. We went to TSUTAYA after Tokube. Now we are watching the first episode of … Continue reading

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