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Cherry blossoms and Welcome party

Cherry trees are planted on Takeda Dori street, which leads to Takeda Shrine.  In the morning, I took pictures. Katya took one in the afternoon. She took another one in Midorigaoka Sports Park. In the evening, we had a welcome party for the newcomers to the institute.  More than 100 people got together.

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March 30, 2011, a stable day

Electricity has been supplied these days in Kofu.  Probably, Tokyo Electric Power Co. will be providing electricity at least till April 3 as planned. Aftershocks are getting fewer and smaller in the north-east area. Foods and water have been contaminated in Fukuoka Fukushima.  Farmers would not be able to sell their products from there.  In Kofu, foods got more expensive, but not drastically. Gasoline is supplied daily in Kofu.  It is not very expensive yet.  In the north-east area, gasoline started to be sold daily, too. Spring has come.  Cherry blossoms are in bloom. Yearly festival in April was canceled at Takeda Shrine.  Two conferences in March I was planning … Continue reading

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Christmas Cards

Today’s Emperor’s Birthday.  In the afternoon, I came back home from the office and took Maya-san for a walk with Katya to Takeda Shrine. Trees are naked. Maya-san started to dig a hole.  Shadows were long even at 2:30 PM. In the evening, we went out to play tennis. We wanted to try a clay court, but we found out they are out of order till next year.  So we went to play on the omni court again,  this time from 7 to 9 PM.  The temperature was about 10 C.  Light was bright. It was a good condition for tennis. Two Christmas cards have arrived: one from Russia from … Continue reading

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It was a rainy Monday.  Busy as usual. After the work, Katya picked me up at the office with Maya-san.  Maya-san hates walking in the rain, but we took her to the Takeda Shrine for a short walk. Katya made baked udon for dinner.  After the dinner, I made Chai, an Indian tea.  I used Assam CTC tea. For spices, I used cardamons, cinnamon, cloves, black peppers, ginger, lauriers, and masala.  So it was a real chai. Tomorrow, Katya will go to Tokyo to have some fun.  I will have fun with Maya-san in Kofu.

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Maya-san’s echo inspection

In the afternoon, I went to the ophthalmologist’s to receive my contact lenses for the trip to Kyoto next weekend. While I was at the ophthalmologist’s, Katya went to Takeda shrine to take pictures (Pics 1 and 2). Then we took Maya-san to Noah Vet Clinic for her monthly inspection. This month, the vet gave her an echo for the heart disease.  The vet told us that her heart is perfect. We asked her about Maya-san’s weak hind leg once in a while.  She said it is normal for some dachshunds.  When this happens, we need to let her take a rest. Then I went back to work. After coming … Continue reading

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