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Trip to see my ex-student in Yamagata prefecture

An ex-student of mine, to whom I tutored French when I was a university student, is now running a small company in Shinjo, Yamagata prefecture. Today, I took a break and visited his firm. I woke up at 5:30 in the morning. I went to my office to check e-mails. Then, I rode my bike to Kofu Station. I took an express “Azusa” at 7:24 AM to Tachikawa. In the train, I took a Filet-O-Fish set. I changed trains and trains and finally took a bullet train from Omiya to Shinjo.    The train once stopped at Fukushima Station, when, I confess, I felt uneasy. I arrived at the Shinjo Station … Continue reading

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Report for my ex-student finished

I worked in the morning and finished with a report for the products my ex-student’s company produces.  Their technology is based on a historical, steady one, and they modified it in a modern chemical manner. I understood the importance and prepared the report with a scientific view point as well as with an up-to-date engineering technology.  Important products can be only fabricated with their methodology. I sent it right now!

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Former student visited me in Kofu

When I was a university student in Tokyo, I was tutoring a brother and a sister, who were high school students.  I taught the girl math and the boy, French.  I taught them once a week for three years, and the family and I established a good relationship. I left Tokyo and the teaching finished.  Once in a while, I visited the family. Then the boy went to Los Angeles and studied for five years (I once met him there) followed by studying in Paris for three years majoring in business.  I completely lost contact with them. The boy, now grown up, found me on the web and sent me … Continue reading

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