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Celebrating Wedding Anniversary in Tokyo

We have been married for four years. We had a petite honey moon in XIV Tateshina. Since then, we have been celebrating our wedding, staying there, having dinner in the same French restaurant. This year, to my surprise, a room could not be reserved even in the middle of winter. So we decided to stay in Hotel New Otani in Tokyo. It used to be one of the most prestigious hotels in Japan (now, it is not extremely expensive). In the morning, Katya and I took Maya-san to my parents. Anju was there left by my sister, who are also travelling with my niece. Maya-san and Anju were getting along … Continue reading

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Tokyo Tower

I went to Tokyo on a business trip to attend two real estate meetings. Between the meetings, I went to see my apartment in Shiba Koen.  The apartment was well maintained inside and outside. From the 15th floor, Cornes‘ building is seen across the street. They sell expensive cars like Ferrarris. Tokyo Tower is in a walking distance from the apartment. I walked there to see it. A well-known view from the precincts of Jozoji Temple. At the foot of Tokyo Tower. I took an elevator to climb up to the first stage located at 150 m from the ground.    A small shrine exists on the floor. I then went … Continue reading

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