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Meeting all evening

We are trying to do some change in the system of our university. For that, we need money. We are trying to get some fund from MEXT, Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology. We need to write a proposal. Six professors including me are working on the project. From the early morning till 3PM, I was writing my part. From 3:30 PM to 9:30 PM, we were checking each part of the proposal. Unfortunately, I had no time for lunch. I was asked to modify my part, so I will do it tomorrow. I came back home about 10 PM. Katya gave me a big dinner, which was a … Continue reading

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Recruiting a student

In Japan, university students normally look for jobs in the final year of their academia.  If they find ones, they start working in April.  If they can not find their jobs in the final year, they will be in trouble: normally they stay in school for one more year for the occasion next year. I am taking care of one Ph.D student, who is graduating next March.  Therefore, he is looking for a working position now. He wanted to work for a car company, but because of the earthquake, car companies stopped hiring new workers.  Moreover, the job situation in general became very bad. Director of our institute is a … Continue reading

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Discussion with companies

I am trying to establish a new engineering project with university and company labs.  Today I had a meeting with an automobile company.  We had some drinks together after the meeting. Tomorrow, I will go to Kyoto to have another meeting with another company.  The day after tomorrow, I will meet another people in Osaka. It would be a big project involving three universities and four companies.  I will be very busy preparing the documents next week.

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