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First general project meeting in Kyoto

Although I came back from China, my trip was not over. I woke up at 2 AM and rode my bike to my office; today there would be the first general meeting of my project with all the researchers involved in from three universities and three companies. I started preparing my talks with my desktop, which ended at 6 AM. I came back home, saying hello and good by to Katya and Maya-san. I took my bike to the station. I left Kofu at 8 AM for Kyoto. The meeting started at 1 PM at Shimadzu Co. and ended at 4:30 PM. All results presented were good and satisfactory to … Continue reading

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First day of the forum in SiChuan University

In the morning, I found that I was not able to use the university web-mail system of the university.  I tried to make an international call to the internet administration in my university, but had a hard time making an international call from my room because the hotel staffs hardly understood English. After an hour of struggling, I managed to call to the university office to ask about the internet connection.  They told me our mailing site might be blocked, and gave me  a different address. It worked well. So, I was able to read mails from my colleagues. I stayed in my room, checking mails and working. At 11:45 AM, six … Continue reading

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Schedules in China

The professor managing a forum in China finally sent us the information on April 13 and 14, when the forum is be held. Seven Japanese and seven Chinese researchers will be meeting. Hotel: Hejiangting Hanwen Hotel (合江亭翰文大酒店), Chengdu, Sichuan Province Registration: April 12 afternoon – April 13 morning, at hotel lobby Meeting venue: Sichuan University Lunch & dinner: April 13 noon, buffet at hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co. April 13 evening, dinner at a restaurant near the hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co. April 14 noon, buffet at hotel, sponsored by EVE Energy Co. I will be chairing a session on the morning on April 13 and talking on … Continue reading

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Graduating students’ presentations

From 9:10 AM, the presentations of the graduating bachelors started. They talked for seven minutes with two-minute Q&As. The student I am instructing made a presentation from 1:30 PM. He did well. I expect him to receive a presentation prize tomorrow. The presentations continued till 5:30 PM. The rest of the students will talk tomorrow morning. From 6 PM, the professors in our institute gathered and had a long discussion until 8 PM. In a university in Japan, a researcher did a dishonest research behaviors, which became a news. In order not to have the same problem, we checked our research systems.

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Presentations for Master’s Degrees

Final presentations for the master students have started. Today, I listened to eight students who are about to graduate from our university. Everybody did well and I gave good points. My student will be talking tomorrow. I hope he does well. On the way back home, it was rainy. It must be snowing in the mountains. Katya and I might try skiing this weekend, too.

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Chinese professors arrived

Seven professors from Beihang University visited our institute, one of whom used to work together with us. It has been half a year since she left. She received her Ph. D in China, came to Japan with her husband, and had worked in Japan for five years. Now she is an associate professor in the university in Beijing. The Chinese professors had lunch together with us. Three out of seven professors spoke good Japanese, because they used to study and work in Japan. It is not common now to find Chinese professors speaking Japanese, because Chinese students and researchers tend to go study in the US. The Chinese dean told … Continue reading

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Two interviews

From 10:30 AM, there was an interview of a Thai student graduating from a university in Kyoto. He did a good presentation. Hopefully, he will be working together with us from April. From 11:40 AM, there was another interview, this time of a Vietnamese student trying to study in our university for a PhD degree. He did not do well as expected, but he still has a chance to be accepted. Katya and I had lunch at New Mahal. Nans were served right after baked, and they were very good.

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Business Trip to Yokohama

It was rainy in the morning. I took a bus leaving at 7 PM, first to Shinjuku, Tokyo. On Chuo Highway, there was a traffic jam, which made a ride one hour longer. Although I left home earlier than usual, I was a bit anxious. From Shinjuku, I took trains to Myorenji, Yokohama to check an apartment, a studio of which I bought in 2007. Myorenji is the name of a temple in Yokohama. It is just by the train station with the same name. I walked to the apartment of my studio. It took 10 min from Myorenji station. I met a man from the managing company, who explained … Continue reading

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Tennis school after 3 months

Katya and I had not been playing tennis for 3 months, because of Katya’s return to Vladivostok, my preparation for the project, and Natalia’s arrival to Kofu. This evening, Katya and I went to a tennis lesson. There were only three students including us. The instructor was new to us. He introduced himself as a freshman of my university!  I did not tell him that I am a professor there, in fear that he would be too polite. We did the basics. The lesson was not so hard, but we moved a lot because the students were only three. It was a good practice. The instructor was young, but he … Continue reading

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Lecture in Osaka on Sunday – Katya and Natalia left for Atami

Yesterday, I went to Chiba for a talk. Today, on Sunday, I was asked to give a lecture in Osaka University. I left the apartment at 6 AM.  I took trains. In the bullet train, a wall socket and the internet access were provided, so I was able to work. In the monorail in Osaka, I took the seat at the very front of the car. I felt a bit scared; it was like a roller coaster. I arrived at Osaka University. I talked for an hour and a half at the seminar. After my lecture, I quickly went back to Osaka station. I took brochettes and a glass of … Continue reading

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