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Plans on Christmas and New Year’s Days

Katya and I are talking about holiday plans. On December 23, we will play tennis. On (Catholic) Christmas Eve, we will go to Sakuraza for a concert (tickets already reserved). On (Catholic) Christmas, we will stay calm. On New Year’s Eve, we will go to Karuizawa and stay at Mampei Hotel. We welcomed New Year in the bar last year, and this year, we will stay in the hotel. On New Year’s Day, we will stay in XIV Karuizawa as we did this year. We will exchange presents as Russians do. Then we will celebrate New Year at my parents’. Hopefully, we will be able to sky at Hakuba area. I will … Continue reading

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Katya and Natalia returned from Hatsushima

Katya and Natalia arrived home before 6 PM. They were waiting for me. They seemed to be tired after two journeys, from Saipan and Atami/Hatsushima. I cooked tuna steaks for dinner. Katya had bought rice crackers as a souvenir in XIV Hatsushima. On the way back home, they dropped by Gotenba Premium Outlet.  They bought croissants at Fauchon for me. Boy, they were real, real French croissants! The flour must be imported. It is the most genuine croissant I have ever eaten in Japan. Everybody was tired, and we went to sleep.

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Autumn Equinox Day on Hatsushima Island

We stayed one night at my parents’ in Shimosuwa. Today is Autumn Equinox Day, a national holiday. We had breakfast at my parents’. Maya-san stayed in Shimosuwa, and Katya and I drove to Atami.  It was a bit cloudy. On the way from Tokyo to Yamanashi, on the opposite way from ours, there was a traffic jam.  People in Tokyo have difficulties driving out. As was last time, we had sushi lunch at Nigiri no Tokube in Gotemba.    We then drove to Atami to leave the car.    Leaves of a palm tree were faded: fall has come. We took a boat to Hatsushima Island.    We arrived at Grand … Continue reading

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From Hatsushima to Atami to Shimosuwa to Kofu

Today was Marine Day, a national holiday. We left XIV Hatsushima Hotel at 10:30 AM. At the harbor, we wanted to buy living turban shells for my parents to cook, but the shop for shells and shrimp was closed because of the marine festival on the island being prepared from the morning. The long flags on the island showed that there would be held a festival. At the pier, we waited for a boat to come from Atami. Yes, there were many people on board. They would not stay overnight on Hatsushima, but go back to Atami in the evening after seeing the festival. We took the boat and left … Continue reading

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Lazy Holiday on Hatsushima Island

Katya and I woke up late to have a continental breakfast at the lounge. Our table was by the window.    Then we went out for a walk to the beach. It was hot, but with a pleasant breeze.    We saw many boats and yachts. We walked down to the rocky beach. Mt. Fuji was seen over the ocean.       We went back to the hotel, took a shower, and had a late lunch buffet. Katya took a nap, while I was reading a magazine.  Eventually, I fell into sleep, too. In the evening, we went up the roof of the hotel to take pictures. On the lower right, … Continue reading

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From Shimosuwa to Hatsushima Island

My parents will take care of Maya-san for two nights. Katya and I left Shimosuwa, heading for  Atami. On the way, we had lunch at Nigiri no Tokube, Gotemba.    After lunch, we drove to Atami, which they call “Monaco in Asia”.    We left Smart in a parking lot and walked to Atami Harbor.    We took a boat “Isle de Vacances III” to Hatsushima Island after she had returned from the island.    It was a trip less than half an hour.        From Hatsushima Harbor, a bus took us to XIV Hatsushima Hotel.    In the evening, we left the hotel and walked to Porto, an Italian restaurant. … Continue reading

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Monday, May 2, 2011 in Nara

It is a normal workday today, and I took a break. I woke up to go enjoying spa in the morning. After having buffet for breakfast in the hotel, Katya and I took trains to Nara. From Nara station, we walked to Kofukuji Temple.  The tower was beautiful. Todaiji Temple is close to Kofukuji. Many people were there.   The festival for Emperor Shomu was held today, and  we saw dances and a parade. In Todaiji Temple, we also visited Shosoin Treasure House, and Nigatsudo.  This is a good walking course from Nara station. Architectures in Nara generally look heavier and simpler than those in Kyoto.  In many architectures like … Continue reading

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Sunday, May 1, 2011 in Kyoto

In the morning, we left Maya-san in Shimosuwa and took a highway to Kyoto. Katya drove first.  It was raining hard. In a service area on the high way, we took coffee. I started driving after Katya.  There was a traffic jam continuing only for 15 min, so it was not very bad for a driving during the holiday season. We arrived at Sanzen-in Temple at 2:30 PM.  The architecture was not of a high quality and the garden was not arranged with intelligence, but there was a friendly, pleasant charm in the temple. We took a rest in a tea house in front of the temple. We left the … Continue reading

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Back to Kofu from Tateshina

After we woke up, I headed for a hot spa, and Katya prepared for herself. We met in front of the buffet restaurant at 8:30 AM.  We had to wait for several minutes. Breakfast was OK, but coffee was not very good. So we went to the hotel lounge. Katya had an espresso, and I, a cafe au lait. We checked out and went to Shimosuwa to say hello to my parents.  We gave them an Apple Baumkuchen bought in the hotel.  We said good-by to them and went back to Kofu. We headed for Noah Vet Clinic to pick up Maya-san.  In the clinic, they have a pet hotel.  … Continue reading

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Wedding Celebration in Tateshina

We got married on February 23, 2008.  We went to the city hall of Kofu for the marriage registration.  On the evening, we stayed in a hotel, “XIV (ekseev) Tateshina”.  We had dinner in a French restaurant in the hotel. We have been going to the same hotel and having dinner in the same restaurant for our wedding anniversaries.  Today, Saturday, February 19, 2011, we are staying in XIV Tateshina without Maya-san; my parents had visitors, so Maya-san stayed in a dog hotel this time. We arrived there at 5:15 PM, checked in, and entered the room: a mixture of a bedroom and a Japanese tatami room, as usual in … Continue reading

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