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Back to Kofu, Sunday May 6, the last day of Golden Week

In the morning, I woke up alone  to take a hot spring spa. Katya and I had breakfast in “Oceano” on the first floor in XIV Hatsushima.    After breakfast, Katya went to the esthetic salon. I was watching TV, waiting for her to return. She was satisfied with the treatment. We had cakes at the hotel  lounge, checked out, and took a bus to the harbor. Katya bought souvenirs for my parents at a shop by the harbor. We then said good-by to Hatsushima on “Isle de vacances II”.    After arriving at Atami, we went to the parking lot, picked our Smart, and drove to Shimosuwa. We only stopped … Continue reading

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Hatsushima on Children’s Day, May 5, 2012

Breakfast on the 8th floor. Very nice view.    Katya and I went out for a walk to the sea.    We decided to take a glassboat “Noah”. The boat arrived just before 12 PM. The  boat was full with 24 visitors. There were many fish indeed, but the water was not clear enough because of the plankton of spring.    After the 30-min underwater trip, we took lunch at an Italian restaurant, “Porto“, our favorite.    We walked around the island after lunch. The sea was very beautiful.    It takes less than an hour for a walk around the coast.    We returned to the hotel.    After … Continue reading

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Shimosuwa to Hatsushima on Greenery Day、May 4, 2012

   Katya and I left Shimosuwa to Hatsushima at 8:30 AM, leaving Maya-san with my parents. The weather was pleasant, and we enjoyed driving. However, it did not last forever. We were caught in a traffic jam. The jam lasted for several tens of minutes. To save time, we bought light lunch at 7-Eleven.  We hurried to Atami Harbor. The boat leaves for Hatsushima Harbor at 2:10 PM. We barely made it a couple of minutes before the departure. In Hatsushima Island, we always stay in Grand XIV Hatsushima Club Hotel. Our room was assigned on the 7th floor up the entrance of the hotel. Before dinner starting at 8 … Continue reading

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Plans for Golden Week, 2012

This year, the Golden Week starts from April 28 to May 6, excluding May 1 and 2. It is difficult to find rooms in hotels in popular places. This year, we reserved a room in XIV Hatsushima on May 4 and 5. It is a pity the sea is still too cold to dive in. Before going to Hatsushima, I need to work. On April 9, I go to Tokyo, and from 13th to 15th, I will be in China. On the 16th, I go to Kyoto. I have a lot of things to be done before the golden week.

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