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Another Hot Day, Yanase, Cell Phone, Tokube, Fireflies

I called to Yanase. They told us that Katya can use a latest model of Smart from July 5, so our SmartForFour will be finally checked and inspected. After lunch, Katya and I went to an au shop at Yumura.  The temperature was 34 degree C.  It was another hot day. Katya’s cell phone will not function from July 22 because of a technical modification of the radio mode, so she has to change her cell phone to a new one.  With a catalog, she had already chosen one at home. That one she chose was not in shop, so she will wait for it till July 2.  The battery … Continue reading

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Angry Katya – not a serious story (for me)

Katya’s rose project is going well. Water has been leaking for one month from the left window of our smart. I called to YANASE kofu 10 days ago.  They would let us use a Mercedes C Class from June 1 or a smartfortwo from June 7 while they keep our car. “Smartfortwo!  Let’s wait till 7th.  C class is too big to drive in Kofu.” “But, Katya, the steering wheel is on the left side; this smart is an European model.” “I can go with it.  Smartfortwo is small enough.” In the afternoon, Katya picked me up from the institute and drove me to YANASE.  At YANASE, I talked with a … Continue reading

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smart Back / Pollen Allergy / Tax Report

I worked only for a short time this morning. In the afternoon, I went to Yanase to bring smart back.  They replaced the battery, and we will see how smart goes. Then I went to see a doctor at an ENT to check whether I am really allergic to pollen; Yes, I am. I had been thinking I was able to avoid the allergy, but it finally came to me.  The doctor told me that there is pollen floating more than in the usual years. After the inspection and some breathing treatment, I got medicine from a drag store. From the left, a nose spray, an eye drop, and pills.  … Continue reading

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First Presentation day for bachelor students

From 9:15 AM, the graduation presentations for bachelors started. They have 5 min for talk and 2 min for questions and answers.  Many of them looked very nervous. During the lunch time, Katya came with smart.  We went to Yanase for the check-up.  They let us use an Opel during the inspection. We bought sandwiches at KFC because we did not have enough time.  Katya drove me back. The presentations restarted and ended at 5:30 PM for today. The presentations continue tomorrow.

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smart needs repaired

I went to my office in the morning to reserve the train tickets on the web for the American professor. Then I first went to Kofu station to buy them and to Konaya Hotel to pick the professor up. We had our last talk in Starbucks, and he left Kofu to Tokyo, Narita, and to the US.  He will be back to Japan in September for conferences. Katya has been talking about the malfunctioning of smart these days.  She suspected that it was because of the battery getting weak.  Katya and Maya-san took smart and I, mini, to Super Autobacs, an automobile shop. It has been quite a while since … Continue reading

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Saturday Work

In the morning, students in the institute held their research presentations, and teachers joined.  Eight students talked, one of whom is mine.  He did a good job. After the presentation, teachers stayed for a meeting ; we are going to hold a workshop next summer in Nagano.  It is a small, 4-day workshop with approximately 80 participants, and I will chair the workshop. I am stressed these days because of the works I have, and was worried about today’s meeting, too, but the schedules I proposed were accepted, which made me feel relieved. I had lunch at home, and Katya and I went to Yanase to have a break pad … Continue reading

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Walk around the lake

In the morning, Katya, Maya-san, and I went to Yanase to receive our Smart.  Smart fits the Yamanashi traffic, where you often drive on narrow streets. Then we drove to a small,  lake-like Dam, “Ryugaike Dam“, near Takeda Shrine.  We took a walk around it with Maya-san.   It is an old dam, and people consider it as a lake now.  One can enjoy black bass fishing at the expense of 2,000 yen per day. Then we went playing tennis. We normally play tennis here in the evening.  Today, we reserved the court between 2 and 4 PM.  Unfortunately, the sun light annoyed us, and we left it earlier at … Continue reading

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Tetsuro Kawashima Quartet

In the afternoon, I took smart to YANASE Kofu for the 12th-month inspection. They let me use their car for one day during the inspection. This car is much too bigger than Smart, and I feel less comfortable. In the evening, Katya and I went to a Jazz concert of Tetsuro Kawashima Quartet held in the civic hall of Koku.  Kawashima is a popular sax player. The concert was supported by Kofu city, thus the ticket cost only 1,000 yen each. We went to the concert last year, too.  This year, the rest of all three members, pianist, drummer, and bass player, except Kawashima, have changed. The new members with Kawashima … Continue reading

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Smart Story

I took our second car Smart ForFour to the dealer, Yanase, Kofu. After Katya got sick in mini in fall, 2007, we decide to buy another car with an automatic transmission so that Katya could drive.  Although I preferred cars produced in Allies (so far GB (mini) and France (citroen AX)) and would not mind a Russia car, we decided to see Smart ForFour.  Katya checked prices on the internet, and we ventured out to see them on Sundays. We found our Smart in Kisarazu city, Chiba.  We stayed one night near Kisarazu on Saturday and next day tried the Smart for a few hours around Kisarazu.  Then we decided … Continue reading

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