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Sunday shopping

In the afternoon, Katya, Mariya and I went out for shopping leaving Maya-san home. We dropped at a public parking lot to see roses around the fences.    Then we went to an au shop, a telephone company to talk about my broken iPhone; there is no AppleStore in Kofu. I had called to Apple, and the operator told me that with the number he gave me, I was able to borrow an iPhone at any au shop. The man at the au shop told me that he knew nothing about this system and that he could not do anything for me. Nothing can I do, either. I have to call … Continue reading

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Fiore walk and Yumura Hotel buffet

From the second house of my parents, we went to a flower park “FIORE KOBUCHISAWA” in Hokuto city.       It was a good place for Maya-san to walk around. Then we went back home. In the evening, Katya and I had buffet at Yumura Hotel.  There was a pianist playing in the restaurant. It was a cozy atmosphere inside. As usual, the dishes were simple but of fresh and good ingredients.  We enjoy the dinner very much. Maya-san welcomed us at the apartment. We watched TV together.

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First ski in 2012 in Sun Meadows, Yamanashi

In the morning, I went to TSUTAYA to have the DVD back.  Then, Maya-san and I went for a walk by Arakawa river as we did last week. It was warm. Maya-san found a mole hole and started to dig it deeper. She dared not leave the hole, so I carried her up to take her back to the car. After breakfast, Katya, Maya-san, and I went up the mountain to Sun Meadows in Kiyosato area for the first ski in this season.    It was a bit cloudy but not extremely cold. Katya and I took a lift, “Flower Lift”, to up the hill. Since this was the first … Continue reading

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Ojirogawa Valley Walk

In the afternoon, we headed for Ogirogawa Valley for the first time.  It is a rainy season now, but fortunately we had no rain. The trek started. On the way to go, I carried Maya-san with me in the bag. Streams and water falls. It was getting darker. On the way back, Katya all carried Maya-san.  She walked faster than I, so I missed her photos. Relieved on the first bridge again. It was a good trek.  With Maya-san, it was more tiring.  Maya-san did want to walk, but we dared not to let her. Add to it, we did not let Maya-san on my lap on the way back, … Continue reading

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Mostly Healthy Sunday

In the morning, Katya, Maya-san, and I took mini and went to the parking lot of Hotel Yogai. There is a good walking course from the hotel.  We left mini and started walking. We have been suffering from the pollen allergy of Japanese cedar, and the mountain was full of the trees.  However, we did not feel anything any more.  The rain yesterday must have washed out the pollens from the trees onto the ground. We enjoyed walking. In the afternoon, we went to EST Tennis School to join a trial lesson.  It was OK with me.  For Katya, the indoor courts were too dusty and she needed more basic … Continue reading

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Warm Winter Sunday

On weekend mornings, Maya-san usually takes a walk with me.  There is a place where Maya-san likes to sniff around.  She never found anything, but probably, small animals, like rats, play there. Although mountains over there are covered with snow, it was a very warm day. Maya-san likes narrow streets.  When she walks, she always searches something interesting. After the walk, Katya and I had breakfast at Jonathan’s in Kofu.  Maya-san kept the apartment all by herself. We bought coffees and teas at Coffee Tonya.  We had cups of espresso while coffees are ready to be taken out. Then, Katya and I went out for tennis.  It was a perfect … Continue reading

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Busy Sunday

There is a hotel in the mountain. In the morning, we headed for the hotel, parked our Smart at the parking lot and went for a hiking with Maya-san. We came back home and urgently went to a tennis court to try the borrowed rackets again.  Katya liked one of them. We came back again, took a quick shower, and went to a concert hall near Kofu. Our favorite local amateur orchestra played Symphony No. 5 of Tchaikovsky very well.  We were fascinated! We came back again, took Maya-san, and headed for the sports shop.  Katya bought  a Babolat racket.  It will be ready on Friday. We took Maya-san to … Continue reading

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